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Skyheads is an aerial imaging company operating state of the art handmade aircraft and the best available camera gimbals. Experienced in harsh conditions from the high altitude of the European alps to the vast planes of Africa

We live to fly high-speed low altitude, using 3D cameras to allow incredible subject tracking, giving previously unavailable perspectives .
We use Freefly MOVI gimbals for the most reliably stable footage at high speed.

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Skyheads chief operator Tristan Price has spent years fine turning his piloting skills and customising his equipment. allowing him to follow action sports closer and for longer. Results can be very exciting offering great opportunities to keep the camera moving with the action for extended distances. When blended with more traditional techniques of filming , we can produce scenes that would not so long ago been impossible, or cost prohibitive. . We have been passionate about building and flying radio controlled aircraft for many years working in collaboration with filmmakers and producers All our equipment is ready to travel, and we love the challenge of the most difficult assignments.


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18th October 2015
Botswana, The limpopo river valley

A short film from our stay in Botswana. 

compilation still
2nd August 2015
Drone compilation winter 2015

Winter compilation 2015

minority still
6th June 2015
Minority Snowboarding- Intro filming

Snowboards but no snow!

familial still
11th March 2015
La Familial- Double kicker Line

Double Kicker line on a big face!

genepi kicker still
28th February 2015
The Genepy kicker

A compilation of the days best shots from the drone.

first day
2nd February 2015
First day of Shooting on Cruise Control

A compilation of 2 locations in the swiss alps.

bike still
2nd July 2014
Mountain Biker Follow Fly Testing

Mountain Biking

chalet still
12th April 2014
Alpine Chalet

Test shots for alpine chalet

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Tristan PRICE

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